Petition update

truth hurts

Amanda Beech
Stafford, United Kingdom

Nov 1, 2013 — well yesterday we did a protest out side Stafford social services to make people aware off forced adoption we had pictures up and giving out flyers had lots off interest and got petition signed to went great and 35 other town all over the country did the same out side there social services office to with same flyers and petition all good the truth will be heard
up date i had a phone call on Wednesday with candyce new social worker telling me to take pic off candyce down from petition and off my Facebook group i told them no and they have sent me a letter saying the same
i asked why they have placed candyce in adoption placement in September when they know i am fighting for her in high court they said they did know i was still doing it LAIRS that's what they are
i had a meeting 18 July which i recorded telling the sw what i was doing and i served them court papers on 5 august stamp by London court telling what was going on and my daughter told hem several times so why lie ???


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