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children being stolen all around the world

Amanda Beech
Stafford, United Kingdom

Aug 28, 2013 — this is happening all over the world and it needs to stop social services have destroyed so many happy family s and stole children away for no reason but to line there own pockets
baby units caff cass solicitors for la and many more all make money on our children
the children that need the help and love and care are dumped away like rubbish because there no money in them sort off children
that's what social services are there well should be any way but they are not
i have been told i have got to close my Facebook page and stop this petition well Stafford social services you can not scare me the truth will be told how you are so corrupt and how you lie and destroy children s life's
they dont care please help and make all aware off whats going on and how this needs to end for my granddaughters sake and all the other children stolen by ss


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