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Ask The DCPS SystemTo Re-Evaluate Their Recommended/Required Reading List

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This petition is to ask the DCPS system to take a second look and rethink their choices on books they are recommending to our children. My son was given 2 books to choose from for his summer reading. He had to read the book then give a report by September 1, 2017. One choice (the book my son started reading) is titled "Feed" and written by MT Anderson. I am on page 61 of this book and already I have documented 38 cuss words (12 of which are the F Bomb and 1 of which is the GD word.) there is also several mentions of minors drinking and using fake IDs to get alcohol. Here are two disturbing quotes from the book

#1 "Imagine a girl holding a blaster (gun) to a twins temple. Remember BITCH you can't spell danger without DNA".

#2 "Link said he wanted to get CRANKED before we went, and he's said was there any any place where We Could Drink Without IDs" (these are underage children.)

The other book option is "The House Of Scorpions" by Nancy Farmer. I have not read this book however after researching it on google i found out it is about a cloned drug lord who raises, manufacturers, and distributes opium (a drug), and at least one member of his family is addicted to Laudanum. A child in the book tortures frogs and drugs a dog. There are violent episodes but they say they are not bloody, and a mass murder is described without too many disturbing details.
Honestly I do not believe either of these books are suitable for a student to read but especially not a 12 year old sixth grader. If these books are considered "appropriate" for the reading list, what other books like this are on it?
It's time the DCPS system re-evaluates their book recommendations. There need to be guidelines set in place, because this is not acceptable.
By signing this petition you are stating "you would like the DCPS system to re-evaluate their suggested reading materials, as you feel these books are unacceptable, and you are not comfortable with your child, or any future children reading this garbage."

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