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We need an alert system for missing adults designed to resemble the Amber Alert. They have the Amber Alert for children and Silver Alert for seniors. There is no law in effect for ages 18 to 65 for missing adults.

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We, the undersigned, believe the time has come for the development and implementation of an adult emergency alert system designed to resemble the Amber Alert already in place for missing children. We realize that most adults (age 18 and over) are legally capable of making sound decisions in their best interest (with the exception of those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease & some affected by mental illness), however we cannot ignore the fact that crimes resulting in the kidnapping or disappearance of adults occur every day Yet it is most unfortunate that adults reported missing are in most cases not officially declared as such for 48 hours, by which time crucial search hours are forever lost, making safe recovery less likely. Through the creation of a system, which would alert the public to information regarding a missing adult sooner, we could increase the chances for a positive outcome, by reducing the number of hours lost in the first 48 hours
Amanda Taylor went missing in October 17, 2011, A report was filed 48 hours later. If this report had been filed the same day, Amanda could still be alive. Her remains were found December 8, 2011
.We ask that you, our lawmakers, law enforcement, media, and social networks consider this issue as one of highest priority. And name it "AMANDA ALERT FOR MISSING ADULTS""

Jana Powell

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