Creat legislation that assists targeted individuals and rewrites FCC guidelines

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Currently the guidelines that govern the FCC do not cover the new and daunting effects of everyday exposure to electric and electronic currents in the air by way of stochastic process or stochastic fluctuations and their impact on the cellular bodies. Fluctuations in the abundance of molecules in the living cell may affect its growth and well being. Nonequilibrium statistical facts shows that Non-equilibrium thermodynamics or effects on the balance of cellular health and well being which influences the entire body from the immune system to the growth of the body and its organs functions and glands are impacted by radiation secular waves puls beams and other forms of technological interference that impact our health at a human rights level daily. This image has been even greater for individuals known as targeted individuals who have purposely been targeted and effected by mass microwave like technologies. 

The symptoms felt can over time materialize into actual physical diseases by mimicking the look of cancer, mental illness, altizhemzers, heart disease aneurysms and strokes.  So far not much information has been presented to the FCC or FTC on these dire effects and the need for new guidelines that mitigate or cure the impact of what would have once been deemed as mondernday warfare via these direct and indirect beams.