Fix Alvord's Dress Code

Fix Alvord's Dress Code

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Started by Ariana Sanchez

Students are being taught that what we wear on our body's is more important than what we learn in the class- it's not. Getting embarrassed and pulled out of class is more distracting than our bellybuttons or shoulders. Equality, safety, and consistency must improve in order for us to continue to express our individuality the way we want while earning an education.

Hillcrest High School: Student’s Revised Dress Standards

All students should be allowed to express themselves in a way that invites individuality while maintaining a safe yet diverse learning environment. Articles of clothing and/or accessories that may be associated with violence and raise safety concerns will be prohibited. 

Students are expected to wear or display the following:

 Clothing that covers all undergarments (underwear and bras are not to be showing at ANY time)
Personal property should not contain concerning images (pornography, inappropriate language, etc.)
Students may not wear, display, or be in possession of:

Spiked jewelry of any kind (ankle bands, bracelets, chokers, rings, gloves, belts, etc.)
Clothing revealing private body parts or resembles undergarment(s)
Clothing, headgear, and any other accessories that are linked to gang violence or any sort of safety dismissal will not be permitted. Emblems, pictures depicting gangs, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, death, mutilation, violence, or a gang’s “silent code” will not be permitted. Anything worn that is considered gang related by administration/law enforcement will not be permitted. 

    The Hillcrest High School Administration will determine the nature of gang dress and paraphernalia in continued consultation with the Riverside Police Department and District Office Personnel. The Alvord Unified School District Board of Education may set further specifics for rules relative to the dress and appearance of students which will be strictly enforced. 

In regards to sports, uniforms (swimwear, jerseys, shorts, etc.) should not be the limitation on having a picture in the yearbook. Equality in sports clothing should be consistent and fair.

A shoulder is a shoulder. A back is a back. A bellybutton is a bellybutton. Students that have no other outlet but school to be themselves should not be taken out of class due to an “overexposed collarbone”. Students focusing more about asking if someone has a sweater to cover themselves up over their top not having a two-finger strap rather than focusing on what the teacher is saying up on the board goes against what really matters. Our education is number one, not what we wear to receive it.

Violation of the dress standards will result in parent contact by school personnel, confiscation of article(s), O.C.I. referral/placement, or sent home to change clothes/correct the violation. Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action. Students should continue to use good judgement when choosing their school clothing.

Ed. Code 35183

350 have signed. Let’s get to 500!