Stop Watching Orca Shows and Prevent Animal Abuse

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**This is a year 8 school project, I am hoping to make a change in the marine park industry by raising awareness about orca captivity.**

Orcas are being abused and treated in a really inhumane way in captivity, and with this petition, I am hoping to raise awareness about how marine parks are treating those captived orcas and also to encourage people not to watch those orca performances that most marine parks offer.Problems that orcas in captivity are facing:

  • Life Span - They die way earlier in captivity compared to the ones in the wild; In captivity: Male and female - 20 - 40 years; In the wild: Female - 80-100 years, Male - 60-70 years
  • Tourism - Though marine park companies such as sea world claim that they have stopped orca breeding, it won't stop the public from wanting more. People think that visiting marine parks and watching orcas and other marine mammals perform is educational, but the truth is, you learn nothing really, nothing but the dark truth behind those inhumane orca performances.
  • Stolen - Did you know that orcas were stolen from the ocean, away from their pods? Yes, you heard me, various former orca capturers admitted that orcas are stolen from the ocean, they use things such as bombs, aircraft etc to herd the orcas into one coast and capture all of them, they eventually stop and pick out the ones they like, some orcas die in this process. However, since orcas are highly intelligent mammals, they tried to escape and trick humans by separating the calf, mother and the male adults, this is because they know humans only want calves and mothers to breed and train, so they will pick out the calves and females. Humans were tricked at first but realised a large part of the pod was gone and eventually found the mothers and calves then captured them.
  • Sickness - It is a fact that most of the orcas in captivity suffer from sicknesses, from skin diseases to ammonia and other lung diseases etc. This is because tank waters are artificial and contain chemicals such as chlorine to keep the waters clean, but it affects the orcas' health because it is not their natural habitat. It is also true that orcas do way less exercise in captivity than they do in the wild.
  • Small Tanks - Most people think that they do more in captivity because they have to perform every day and move a lot, but, the truth is that most orcas in the wild travel on average 140 miles per day! Compared to that the size of the tank in Seaworld, it is 1400 times bigger! And it is basically as big as a bathtub in your bathroom, how crazy is that!!
  • Fights - Orcas are captured from different water regions, this is why they speak different "languages". They can't communicate with each other and are forced to be put in the same tank sometimes. Since they are really confused about each other, they fight and they get hurt, which is heartbreaking to watch.
  • Born without a mother - Orca Calves are shipped off and sold to different marine parks in the world, they are born without a mother! Imagine you born in a bathtub and suddenly a random person just forcibly takes you away from your mum and brings you to a random place. That's awful!

Here are just some problems that orcas in captivity are suffering from. Please sign this petition and encourage your friends and family to stop watching orca performances!

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