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How to care for the needs of young people,  from, 18/20-45/early 50’s years of age to be allowed to give education and awareness to both medical and mental health professionals in today’s society, to care for their needs and how to allow Northern Ireland Amputees, to be supported by the government to be treated with equality of those who have specifically had their lives changed side by side with those who get treated so much better with the best quality treatment as those who end up missing a limb in the MOD. 

  1. At the end of the day, there are 5000 amputees including in NI/Ireland who aren’t getting their needs met.
  2. there is no support of awareness within schools, or universities to educate young people and young undergraduate students studying medicine who are going to be the next generation to be able to equip, not only them but all health professionals in how to deal with people who had complex diseases or chronic illness that has affected patients like myself not to be understood properly, a lack of respect by very few members of staff, who don’t know how to deal with people who have been unwell, and how much the giver in our heath minister should be putting implications in progress to teach, and provide a platform and the courage that we are the least cared for.
  3. for the community to help support male and females who are young, not able to work, or do much. I am a prime example. I have tried many sport events and for the Len who have transitioned into a wheelchair, for sports to take place. People who have been in wheelchairs all their lives have a tendency to give men brilliant opportunities in sports more than females. 
  4. I live in Northern Ireland, I am a young girl at 29 years old. I worked very hard, until four years ago I became unwell which affected my quality of life and had to have an amputation or I would be able to get a chance to love sports like I used to. Now a days, there is nothing suitable for woman to do much at all. When there is opportunity that takes to our fancy, we either are stuck with all men and barely and women who are 60+ or children and teenagers who are 8-15.  I don’t want to be made feel stupid out to be on my own when there is fit for her program ran by sportsDSNI. What they do is fantastic opportunity but not for new people who going to want to do something they like to do around our age. I used to swim and loved running and doing most sports along with cycling 20miles a day when I had both legs. But now sports seems so far away in the reach and the ability to get to places to try out sport and no one is willing to help me get to A-B due to my eye sight which is not good enough for me to drive at all until I go for surgery. 
  5. To understand the disability community and to find that people from all walks of life should have equal rights to go to places like wngland each year which is funded and available for not just spinal chord patients to go but for some unknown reason, we don’t seem to be allowed to intergrate when there are sports activities on close to where I live in the afternoons and people can come to play sports, use the top gym equipments and for the amputees we have nothing apart from bars a couple of equipments in a shack down at the bottom of musgrave RDS unit for rehab when they are able to go to the mitre to get the top quality service that the MOD, spinal injury patients get and many other people with life changing illness get to use the equipment.
  6. for equality in the government of healthcare that those whose lives have changed forever that we get the same respect as everyone else and not to have to be told, no your too well to have DLA or PIP allowance taken off them. Yes, they may have two feet but they have endure the pain and immense suffering both physically and mentally and there is only one out of NI, clinical psychologist who works once a month for half an hour to just listen or to ask questions, to which this person doesn’t have much of a clue in how to care for those who are hurting both on the inside and outside. The spinal chord patients and amputees barely get any mental well being support or physical support due to cut backs on physio’s, OT’s, and for those who suffer complex issues than other or told there is not much more they can do and basically leave you to work things out for yourself and instead of moving on, you either end up landing in hospital, or so depressed due to the circumstances of our system failing us because we think we fail ourselves and find it hard to demonstrate true care and proper guidelines to allow more staff to work, instead of paying for more uniforms for staff when there has been more money spent on uniforms which could of been to pay new staff to come and facilitate the needs of those who need help specifically. That is why nurses, doctors and nurses along with physio, OT and many other professionals to cut down on the payments of consultants to give money to new staff.
  7. how to provide help and support to families who have lost their loved ones forever due to life changing quality of life to be hard to accept. To help them know that they can receive help And support! Also, for friends to get support and to not be afraid of being different when we have suffered, that won’t let us down or back away because we are missing out on socialising, forgetting, that we once had friends who cared for us, learning to find out that they no longer want to deal with people who r unwell or different. I have been so lost and lonely due to the people who have never bothered to get in touch after I had an amputations. That is difficult for young girls like me who have felt rejected, hopeless and worthless because they don’t understand, that just because u have to be in the right group to be accepted.
  8. to be a part of a community whether it be a Christian community a different religion community. It has become so hard for Christians to accept me for who I am. I am devastated in how I have personal be troubled by the lack of most Christians who don’t want anything to do with you because they as Christians aren’t themselves and pretend to show love or call of the Christian duty to come to even say hi, or to help me or others who aren’t Christians show me more love than they do. 
  9. Social media and different online support groups. It is great that there are many groups over in mainland UK, but in NI, there is only one group and I find that shocking. There only about 20-30 members out 5000 in NI/Ireland including the MOD who have no clue who we are as a group online and to make people aware we need more help to raise enough awareness so that no one is left out. 
  10. 10- to provide a network or a yearly conference or meetings that we Amputees could attend. somewhere for a weekend in a hotel to,raise funding and word of mouth awareness through being people who specifically specialise to come for the weekends to come and speak. They could discuss what each specialist that are involved in providing better support and care that is on offer. 
  11. To allow those who don’t have DLA privileges to be allowed to have the highest motability rate, which could allow them to independently to have more quality of life with the support of the DVA. 
  12. For Amputee’s, both male and females, our lives have been changed forever and how we live our lives is up to us, and how we limit our lives is up to each individual. Our needs through the government are not being met and things need to change. What I have shared is a number of targets which I wish could be met and to be approved and agreed by many people who are suffering with the same conditions as well as family and friends who are affected; to show support in helping the government to make improvements to provide better quality of care, 
  13. more integrated sports for amputees to be allowed to play sports alongside those who play sport for the MOD amputees, to get a chance to be a part of sports and to have the same level of care, and recognition to Beijing lay sports among them whether it be in NI or alongside the world amputee games or games that invictus share for us to get involved in when we have suffered similar battles and trauma but in different circumstances.
  14. that we get the proper help by the mental health specialists that deal with amputees instead of having one part time psychologist who spends half an hour with us when we know that the MOD get much more help and support. 
  15. For equality of the amputees tees that go through the RDS Rehab and the MOD rehab to come together to provide support for us all to come together to make a difference in our lives, so that the government can accommodate our needs equally and fairly. 
  16. For people between 20-40’s to have a chance to get involved in a new sports scheme that will allow women and men to be treated equally and fairly in sports, to play amount that age range instead of us women being singled out to play with 8-16 years of age or to play sports that we wouldn’t be allowed to compete in or to do fit for her with people who are either in the 60’s or to have sports that we are passionate in like cycling to be with men who have neurological disabilities or those with learning difficulties, as it is very hard for us to accept that we can’t connect or integrate with men who twice our age or above 65 who don’t connect with us. 
  17. I would like to see women to have a chance to come together as amputees to hold onto hope and to see the potential to make a difference in many ways of connecting with each other.
  18. for young women and men to come together with careers advice to find a job that would be tailored for our needs.

at the end of the day I want change to take place and for us amputees to be treated fairly so that the government and health minister will agree to implement these actions for both male and female amputees to go beyond their limitations, for sports to be introduced to amputees who would like to play with people our age and to be equally equipped, with better wheelchairs than the basic NHS ones that are no good for going out for walks with out families our friends if we have to rely on wheelchairs for a long time, of walking isn’t available. For grants to be given to those who aren’t able to walk within the first year of their amputations and who will either have to rely on long term use until they are able or allowed to walk or work with prosthetic limbs that are given to us through the trust. 

The wheelchair I have is more for people who aren’t able to walk far and who are older that 65. That is not acceptable for 20-40’s or 50 year olds who want to be active but can’t afford to do much because they are given a very basic wheelchair that are honestly for people who don’t intend to go for more than a ten minute walk or to be wheeled about in for more than half an hour due to the fact that they are not suitable or meet our needs. 

We want to have grants that provide us to to be allowed like people with spinal chord injuries or specifically for those who aren’t either going to ever walk or for those who have to spend more than a year and half to five years at least in a proper state of the art, that full meets the requirements or a grant that can help us to provide a way to go through all seasons and to have a wheelchair that can be suitable for people like me who are young who want to go all over the world and travel instead of having a wheelchair that will only be suitable for elderly people. 

We need proper active wheelchairs that can allow us to use our chairs beyond our limitations and that we have a good chair that will protect our legs not swell or for our spine to be protected and other part of our bodies not get sore or tired if we have to push ourselves and the weight of the chair to be so hard to push. 

We also want t have a wheelchair that will not tip us out  or that it will not cause any damage to our bodies than what we already have going on with our health. 

Also, I would love for the government to provide respite care for amputees to go to a location where we can get 24/7 support and to allow the families to have a break if there are patients who want to go for a period of rest or to go on retreats, or to meet new people. 

You provide opportunity for spinal chord patients and many other patients with different illnesses, so why can’t we be allowed to have a chance to go for a rest for free instead of paying a fortune for us to pay and to see many others get top quality service for free. 

Things need to change and I won’t stop until at we start to see improvements of funding being allowed for amputees to get a fair chance of the best quality of care and support you give to those who are in the MOD or who suffer just as much as we do. 

If you agree, please sign this petition so that the health government throughout Northern Ireland health trust and the uk trust can recognise that people who are amputees in NI deserve to have equality in the same level care that is given to patients who suffer with other diesease that get better care than we do. 

Amputees in Northern Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom aren’t getting equal or ample opportunities to get the same level of physical and mental health support. 

Also that people between 20-45 years of age, get to have opportunities to receive better wheelchairs, that are active, or grants that provide us to progress and have our lives to impact our needs better for our future, than having to use wheelchairs that are very basic, when we know that other people who are in the MOD get the best care and support! 

Help us young people to have opportunities in sports to be able to get involved with people our age, and not to interact in sports with young children or teenagers who have mostly been in wheelchairs all their lives or who have been disabled all their lives and for those who are above 60 years of age who we can’t really benefit or interact in sports to our full potential. 

There has to be a balance and a level of care given to us that does not undermine us, and that we are not ignored or mistreated to get mobility allowance which is less just because the government see that without a metal/plastic pro thesis we would not be able to go anywhere far and would have to rely on a wheelchair if we have a njury or skin problems which can affect our walking, or for those who can’t walk at all, to be given the highest rate for mobility! 

The goverment need to change their perception and their views about us as amputees who are always going to have to rely on a prosthetic limb that is good enough and that has the ability to help us to go beyond our limits to perform to the highest ability in sports, work, and to walk just as good as a normal person. 

For the government to provide more opportunities and grants for people in Northern Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom to get involved in equal rights of respite care that is given to those who need it, for families and friends to be educated, and awareness made to health progress that, we as amputees deserve to be treated as equally as those who in the MOD who are amputees and those in spinal chord rehab units to get the same level of physio OT help and professional mental health care in how to face each day with living with a life long, lives that have been changed forever due to the nature of natural diseases, birth defects, genitc illness, or through severe trauma and injuries that change our lives from walking one day to not being able to walk the next day. 

All we want is to be treated and to be given the same rights as anyone else who suffers with health issues, and to be given the best quality of living through our circumstances through the right appropriate care that would be given to enable us to live each day to our full potential and our needs being met to our best ability! 

We have to fight for our rights and that we should have to live as how anyone else would want to live in the best way we can through circumstances that have changed our lives, enabling hope, care and the same level of respect as anyone else’s who suffers life changing events. 

The goverment owe the family of loved ones who are injured through circumstances and close friends to get the best support and encouragement as well! 

Ao please sign this petition, so goverment can realise that amputees are as important and who are loved as anyone else should be loved and respected to a level of any other patient! 

Feel free to share your views, thoughts, support and by agreeing in helping our lives to be transformed forever, by the government to give us young people and even the elderly the grants and the respect we deserve. 

Help the future generations and the generations of our time to realise that when we need help and support that we should be entitled to it and also for us to give hope and to give back to the community for their help too! 

Thank you, 


alunitsa Ruth Collier 

or Ali Collier, from Romania, but living in Northern Ireland for over 23 years. 

A small town lady who never wants anyone else to suffer the way I have suffered and I  29 years old and suffer with the trauma and the scars that could of potentially been avoided if there had of been more awareness and education given to health professionals. 

However, my faith and love for people has kept me going, through every amputee I see before my eyes, are some very extraordinary and brave people who have suffered so much but yet, they are the ones who give me the hope to fight for what is right and what we deserve as a group of individuals who live in a world that is far from perfect, and for those also who have been affected around the world through war, to support them to, in developing countries, who deserve more love, kindness and support in healthcare just as much as we do! 

Yours truly, 

ali Collier 









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