Would you put a brick on Paul's house?

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My Name is Paul NDUWAYEZU


Me attending university will impact many lives change to mostly orphans and farmers. Help Paul and save the future for farmers and orphans

I am a student at ALU

Very recently within a week, The situation turned worse in my living standard.

It was on Tuesday 7th April, the time that I was thrown out of the house by someone that I used to call mother for a long time; she was not my Biological mom but, from the long time that I stayed there, I can call her mom.

You might question why I was not living with my Blood mom or family?

Let me talk a little about my life story to give you an understanding of how the situation deviated. December 17th, 1997 was my birthday, and it was the same day that my mother passed away giving birth to me; my Dad didn't do such a thing except leaving me and a dead body of my mom at the hospital.

I was taken to an Orphanage, where I started my education primary and the first year of high school.

2010 in March, the white priest who used to take care of us and other orphans passed, and we the children who had families were removed from orphanage back to families when I reached home. I thought that my Dad would like me and do all he can to rebuild all the relation again for the entire time of 13 years in the orphanage without even paying a visit. The situation turned worst than I thought because he had married another wife(my stepmother) and they had four kids.

Dad, Stepmother and all the little siblings didn't like me at all. I even remember my very last time a home was the time that the stepmother tried to give me poison in the food, but I escaped it because I was told by her last born that she had seen her mother putting something on my plate.

From that time I lasted three days eating sugar cane and lucky me the fourth day was the day to go back to school.I went back to school " there was an organisation called Jumelage that paid for me school fees till my graduation of high school".

Wondering where I had taken all my holidays?

In the holidays I used to visit my friends and wait the time to go back to school again, all over from Senior two to Senior six.

After graduating high school, I have seen that there will be no more visiting my friends to stay there longer and started worrying how it will be. I told myself to go and ask help in the Catholic church where I found these heartful sisters; They allowed me to stay there for some months; that is where I started my application at ALU, and from God's plan I got admitted.

In the EI, I got to meet Blaise Rwamukwaya Theoneste and Rachel Warnick. These guys played an essential role in my ALU Journey, Blaise was living in Kacyiru the Neighbourhoods of ALU, So I joined him in His Ghetto and Rachel Warnick helped me with accommodation and other related expenses. But later on Rachel had not to keep it and she stopped doing it so, and Blaise had not to stay with me unless I contribute to the payments.

I told myself to go and ask that women who thrown me out, to help me., she accepted it, but it was because she knew that I had started a go fund me fundraising page where I used to get money to pay the house after Rachel stopped helping me. She was profiting me, but later two months my fund me organiser decided to end it which means I didn't keep giving her money.

I stayed there for the other five months but one week ago,

The mom got mad at me because I was talking to her girls and she decided to throw me out of the house! I thought she was getting trauma but it was not I went to stay at the neighbour's house for that night and then in the morning she threw out my everything from the house.

And nowadays, she is telling people in the neighbourhood that I was a drunkard but all I know it is because I stopped giving her money (contributing monthly) because fund me stopped I stopped giving her money to buy things

maybe she got me in the house to use me other than helping me!