Disability awareness training for public facing staff members

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On 28th September 2020 we had a terrible experience at Alton Towers Resort due to one of our party, Hannah, being a wheelchair user. The day fell short due to (1) Poor ride accessibility and (2) Discriminatory and ignorant staff behaviour.

Whilst ride accessibility and disabled access points being closed are part of a wider health and safety issue, which need further investment by Alton Towers to bring up to the levels of other theme parks, the real issue for us was the disgusting staff behaviour which resulted in a very distressing and upsetting experience for us all, especially Hannah. 

Examples include staff not understanding the disability restrictions, nobody explaining the adaptations to us upon entry to the park or at various gateways, ignorant behaviour e.g. a staff member shouting "SHE CAN'T WALK" in front of a crowd rather than talking directly to us, not one staff member speaking directly to Hannah, being let onto a ride then being told to get off in front of everyone, staff not listening to us when we were expressing our concerns, staff not knowing how to use an accessibility lift.

All public facing staff should therefore undergo disability awareness training to prevent the distress we experienced yesterday and to enable all people, including wheelchair users, to have the same wonderful experience and fun day out. 

If disability awareness training already exists, this needs to be significantly improved.