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arrest all 3 people that attacked and beat my daughter , and the police officer that gave her a ticket and took her to jail to be held accountable also


April 24, 2014 around midnight Alton police picked up a 28 yr old woman who was roaming around Alton after being beaten nearly to death and raped took her to The Station handcuffed her & shackled her and put her in a cell covered in blood they then went to her mothers home to inform her about her daughters condition. Then when the mother picked her up from the police station to take her straight to the hospital. When they released to her mother an officer told the victim "you got what you deserved & gave her a ticket for indecent exposure in Public intoxication. Because the RAPEST took her shirt!! She iswas at Barns Hospital with A broken eye socket broken nose, and blood on her brain. There may be more injuries but at this time we are unaware of any more. THIS IS HOW ALTON POLICE TREAT VICTIMS!!!! This is her before she had 25 stiches in and outside of  her face

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