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Alternative Carbon Emmision Reduction Plan


The current "Cap And Trade" bill before the US Congress will cause a huge financial burden to the poor and middle class with the rise in goods, services, and utilities.  It will cause US businesses to close factories and move them to countries that do not fine them for Carbon Emissions.  At a time when the US economy is struggling, this will be devastating to it.

WE ALREADY HAVE POLLUTION CONTROLS AND LAWS IN THE USA. Instead I propose that we enforce the current US pollution control laws better and implement an excess carbon emission tariff on imports from companies that produce excess Carbon Emissions in their manufacturing process.

This would encourage companies and factories in other countries to reduce their Carbon Emissions, keep factories and jobs in America, encourage foreign companies to open up facilities in the US, encourage more US companies to expand their factories here, and shift the burden of cost to "Go Green" away from our poor and middle class and onto the backs of the BIGGEST polluters globally.

Overall this would cause a bigger impact on global warming and do less economic damage to the American economy.  It would also help decrease unemployment in the US which would help families buy goods and pay their debts, decrease the taxpayer burden of welfare and unemployment payments, and give the US economy a HUGE boost towards recovery.

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