Alter Bridge: Come to Portugal!

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I love Alter Bridge, and so do many fans here in Portugal.

But we can't be always travelling to Spain, especially if we aren't old enough. I'm 18 and it's not easy to make money to go see a live concert or drive to another country to see a show.
When I saw the tour dates for "The Last Hero Tour", I was sad and dissapointed to not see Portugal listed on there, knowing that you guys actually like Portugal, having both Alter Bridge and Tremonti coming here for their last tours in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

I decided to comment on the Facebook post where I saw the dates and ask if they would come to Portugal, which was replied to with "Mid 2017", which would mean around this time of year, during the tour, but still nothing. I've been waiting since then for an announcement and nothing has come up. I've seen numerous fans talking about them not coming here and it leaves everyone unhappy in the Alter Bridge Portugal forums.

So I decided to make this so that we can get some attention towards Alter Bridge, Caroline Records and Universal Music to make this happen!