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Update: Alta Loma High School's Native Mascot Petition

Hey everyone! 

Firstly, thank you for signing this petition to change Alta Loma's Native mascots; it has almost 1,500 signatures! This is my first time making a petition, so I'm continuously astounded as the progress of it. 

This petition was mentioned in The Press Enterprise last month when discussing movements to change mascots in the Inland Empire, which gave us a boost in signatures. 

Our petition has joined the National Coalition to Retire Indigenous Mascots, and was featured on AZ Rally Against Native Mascots, which has a list of other Native mascot petitions you can go through and sign all in one place. A big Ahéhee' and thank you to Diné founder Amanda Blackhorse for featuring us! 

I've reached out to several leaders in Alta Loma School District, but only Principal Jason Kaylor at Alta Loma High School responded so far. They plan to take a survey of students and alumni's opinions to determine the outcome of the mascot, but leaving it up for vote only makes a mascot so clearly problematic "debatable." Currently 12% of the California population is Native, so a survey will undoubtedly have built-in disregard for platforming Native and Indigenous voices in the matter. The only message the school is sending by determining removal of the mascot via survey is that it's okay to exploit people of color as long as the majority is comfortable with it. I expressed this to Kaylor, however he has not responded.

We want to thank you again for signing and caring. Please continue share this petition with others, as it's clear people are taking notice. I will continue reaching out to Alta Loma officials and hope to make more progress towards removing these racist mascots and offering a better future for Indigenous students both at Alta Loma and nationwide. 

Best of health and warmest wishes to you all,
Amy Tims & Jaqueline Gutierrez

Amy Tims
3 weeks ago