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Stop Animal Testing And Fund Prevention

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The public is outraged that less than 30% of their donations to ALSA have gone to research, yet they aren’t aware that the research, itself, is problematic. Nor are they aware that ALSA offered to honor to restrict their donations in a particular way by simply asking. (1)

“Currently, only (5%) of ALS is clearly attributable to genetics, leaving a lot of room for the possible involvement of nongenetic risk factors. Common environmental factors suspected of contributing to ALS include ethnicity, geographic location, diet and nutrition, exercise and sports, alcohol or tobacco use, occupation, electric shock, exposure to chemicals or radiation, and concussion or other physical injury (“trauma”).” 

-  MDA (The Muscular Dystrophy Association) is the world’s largest nonprofit provider of ALS services and funder of ALS research

The ALS Association announced recently that it has awarded 21 new research grants totaling nearly $3.5 million in areas such as animal model systems. For decades, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on this kind of research without one single effective treatment in sight.

1. Stop animal testing: “Wasting millions of dollars...messing around with animals,” by Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H.

“As a board-certified neurologist who has cared for and as the principle investigator of grant-funded research with ALS patients… Why then, seven decades after Lou Gehrig’s courageous fight against ALS – and hundreds of million of dollars spent on ALS research – is there not one single effective treatment or cure in sight for ALS? The answer partly lies in how that money (much from our tax dollars and donations) is spent.

We need to be smart and strategic with how we use our research dollars. How much closer would we be to a cure today if instead of wasting millions of dollars on failed animal experiments, the money had been used to create more effective human-based testing methods that accurately recreated the disease?

While animal experimenters continue to waste time, money, and lives messing around with animals, people with ALS have become so desperate that they are enrolling in unregulated drug trials, putting their lives at even greater risk.”

"Helping find a cure or a prevention for ALS and other autoimmune issues is a passion of mine and my partner's Dr. Mercola's but in no way do we need to experiment on animals." - Erin Elizabeth.

2. Prevention Before Prescription:  
“A dollar of prevention is worth up to $9 in health-benefits."
 U.S Environmental Protection Agency. 

While treatments are important, prevention is largely overlooked and underfunded not just in ALS research, but for cancer and most diseases.

“The value of the air quality improvements for people's health alone totals $37 billion to $90 billion each year. That means that for every dollar spent to reduce this pollution, Americans get $3-9 in health benefits. Reducing [pollution] will prevent thousands of premature deaths and tens of thousands of heart attacks, bronchitis cases and asthma attacks. ”
- U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

"Too little research on avoidable causes." Dr Samuel Epstein, chairman of the US Cancer Coalition and professor of environmental and occupational medicine at Chicago University suggested that there is too little research into the "avoidable causes" of cancer, including the possible cancer-causing effects of chemicals in everyday consumer products. "For decades, the policies and priorities of these charities have remained narrowly fixated on damage control - diagnosis and treatment - and closely related genetic research ... their function is research and not prevention or education. This myopic mindset is compounded by interlocking conflicts of interest with the multimillion pound cancer drug industries."

3. Why I started this petition, by Brice R. (Brown Rice)

“I feel like a sick fish in polluted water. The doctor gives me a pill. The surgeon performs surgery. The dietitian recommends organic food. The herbalist suggests cannabis oil. The geneticist does a DNA test. The charities asks for donations to develop pharmaceutical drugs. But nobody is doing anything about the dirty water! Perhaps even worse, nobody is asking the question, “Who’s polluting it and why don’t they stop?” In the end, it comes down to our unsustainable economy. I want our economy to stop destroying our health and the environment. We need an X-Prize that gives an economic incentive only when a solution has been found rather than throwing more money at the problem, or a governmental economic reform, such as in Europe’s proposal of a gift economy. That is the ultimate prevention.”

4. How this petition will make a difference:

* A dollar of prevention is worth $9 in health benefits. Funding preventative initiatives and stopping animal testing for ALS will set a precedent for other organizations and charities to follow that will save money, time and lives.


1) From the ALS Association: "What if I already gave a donation and want to restrict it in a particular way?" You can email and provide details of your donation (name, date, etc) and we will make sure to honor how you would like your donation to be used."

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