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This young British mum and British daughter have been sent to a foreign country,so due to this I am restarting this petition after being threatened with legal action due to everything that has happened in the last month with the high courts in London to get the government to work on getting them back home here where they belong.

Being British citizens with British citizenship and passports, this injustice, by the high court in London , MUST be overturned.

The courts forced them to go to a country where they have no connection no family,other than the British daughter being born there.

My daughter moved to turkey with her Libyan husband two and half years ago,my granddaughter was born in turkey,the mother fled back to the uk when the baby was only 14 months old. Since They came back home where all their family live, the little girl has started pre school, made friends, had quality family time and has really settled down, after being a "shell" due to what she and her mum had to endure this was usually on a daily basis both suffering physical mental emotional verbal sexual abuse,but due to the British courts not accepting pictures or statements and not cross examining anyone or asking for any witnesses they ruled that it is insufficient evidence that the father was the perpetrator, bearing in mind the perpetrator would search on google for animal porn and sex with animals! And this too was provided as evidence in courts and even tho there are statements from Turkish foreign office, the police here, photos, of the abuse, numerous statements from other officials in various other government official offices, the British courts still sent them back, because the Libyan father, used The Hague Convention and accused the mother of kidnap, and the high courts agreed with him.

As a family we think all the evidence that have been provided were poorly delivered to the judge,as a family to know our daughter and granddaughter are now back in a country they do not belong in, and have no ties to, and have nothing relating them it is beyond shocking! They don't know the language, they don't know the law, and most importantly the perpetrator is there in that country!

The perpetrator used just 1 article from The Hague convention and that was his last straw of control he accused her of kidnap! However the courts here in the U.K. Could have used article 12 and article 13 section B of The Hague convention but did not!!!!! and as a family it all seemed one sided and that it's ok for both these British nationals to go to a foreign country instead of protecting them, especially after making the baby a ward of court, until they deemed it satisfactory to return to the country they fled from.

The British government opens its arms to non British nationals and helps them in every way possible and some of these foreigners abuse the government system claiming they are children when they are young adults and cause all sorts of riots and attacks across the U.K. YET they send an innocent young British mum and her innocent British daughter to a country they ARE NOT from and are fleeing an abusive controlling manipulating rapist, who searches for animal porn websites, who tortured them on a daily basis! 

This is just heartbreaking to know our innocent daughter and granddaughter are being kicked out of their own home country where they needed protection and needed to feel safe with their family and just to know the The uk is happy in accepting known terrorists to live within its grounds and causing havoc and mayhem all over the uk!

Our daughter came back desperate with nothing but the clothes on her back and a changing bag for our granddaughter surely anyone who has a conscience would be able to comprehend that she was desperate to come back home to the UNITED KINGDOM.

**PLEASE  SIGN SHARE and ask as many people to do the same so we can get our daughter and granddaughter back where they belong here with their family and friends so they can live a peaceful normal abuse free life!**

Thank you



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