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Overturn the 2016 Election due to a malicious interference by a hostile foreign government

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We believe in the sanctity of the democratic process. We believe that any foreign government interfering with democratic elections taints the results. Those tainted results HAVE to be thoroughly investigated, the results HAVE to be overturned and new elections HAVE to be scheduled. This is the only way to guarantee a fair election by the AMERICAN people.

 The latest CIA report confirms what has widely been speculated: Russia has (successfully) interfered in our electoral process and helped getting Donald Trump elected. 

This of course leaves a lot of questions unanswered:

Why did they do it? Do they see an Allie in Donald Trump? How?

How far did they actually go? Did they hack emails and selectively release them through Wikileaks? Did they alter those emails to discredit the opposition? Putin was a Lt. Col. in the foreign affairs dept. of the KGB, he knows all the tricks of the trade.

Did they really make a difference? Considering the President elect on with a m margin of 80000 votes in three states while loosing the popular vote by over 2.7 million votes (and counting) even the slightest upsetcould have more then guaranteed a Trump win. 

And why did FBI Director Comey publicize a  wild goose chase against Hillary Clinton only days before the election, but REFUSED to investigate Russia's interference of the election?

This petition is not aimed at instating Hillary Clinton as president. It is about a hostile foreign government taking part in undermining our sacred democratic process and installing a friendly to them leader of the free world.

The implications of this heinous act can have far reaching consequences to our National security, our economy, our freedom and our future in general.

Time is not on our side here and once the President elect is sworn in any chance of an investigation and new elections is gone.

Therefore we suggest:

* Start a serious investigation by the CIA, FBI, House and Senate committees.

* Instate the current Vice President Joe Biden on Jan. 20th as interim President until new elections can be held in 2016. 

* Ensure every eligible AMERICAN has a chance to vote.

* ONLY use paper ballots and no voting machines.

This will be the only way to preserve our country, our sovereignty, our liberty and our safety. 

It does not matter if you supported Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. No American should ever accept foreign interventions in our electoral process.  This is not about left and right, liberal or conservative but about being Americans!

The House and Senate will not intervene since they are more interested in party politics then they are in our constitution and our democratic process. It is left to us to remind them to do the right thing.

Please join us in restoring democracy!









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