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Ask The Company Of Graceland Inc to not turn the " Egg Building" into a Boutique Hotel

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The egg building at Paisley Park is where Prince wanted to be buried so no a hotel shouldn't be built there it should be a resting place for him. the egg building with white marble floors a crystal vase with a single red rose to always be fresh in it resting next to the plaque with his name and the corresponding duration dates of his journey here on earth, with a skyline on top to let the sun and moon light shine and the stars to be seen at night he also wanted all white shiny marble walls with paisleys to contrast the floors along with sound,  music, and for his Doves to be there if they were around no one knows who is taking care of them or his fish he wanted the words love God along with the words of love 4 one another below it,  on one of the walls nothing more around it. He also would have liked a salted water aquarium with a colorful fish in there to run across part of the wall as well as a small water fall running to create a small stream of water tricking and flowing among colorful stones of purple with a hue of a blue nile  light effect " coloring"  for the water which would circulate back into the waterfall, he wanted some orchids, tulips, daisies, margaritas on the outside and a brick road painted in shape of a piano teclas leading to the entrance to his resting place. 

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