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Allstate Let My House Rot

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Update:  Allstate Made it Exceptionally Difficult Through the Claims Process.  I Got Declined and Then Lost My House.

There is Still A Battle To Be Won, however.  It Must Be Replaced.  See How it all happened...

Sypnosis:  Due to a missing receipt, Allstate won't approve and my house is rotting away.  Help!  Please sign this petition.

  1. ALLSTATE'S DOCUMENT DEMANDS: Despite their recent change in tone (due to my complaints), their demands haven’t changed. They still insist I must produce a receipt I do not have and insist I speak to their lawyer. They want all sorts of documents (some of which are not available anymore, they even asked for water bills except I have a well (why on earth is that on their checklist when their adjuster can establish the water damage?)).
  2. Prior clients with similar complaints are viewable HERE.
  3. Perhaps it is because they are fishing for loopholes. In theory, the more that is required, the less of a chance at winning. Can the act of denying multiple claims be the reason for huge companies having so much capital?
  4. ANOTHER DEMAND - Since my multi complaints to government agencies all I have received is a softer tone but they have emphasized that I need to produce a long list of *17+ items which is an intimidation tactic (see below).
  5. Despite my demonstrated intent to cooperate, they insist that speaking to their attorney will still get me nowhere due to missing oil receipt and the additional 17+ items. NOTE: The oil tank was NOT EMPTY.  With such demand, Allstate has determined that I'll never get passed first base. They won't deny or approve. Instead added 17+ more items to their demand.  They have me just where they want me. If I denied, I can sue. They are manipulating each move. I could have never imagined - I hired A-state - they got paid every month yet I can't get passed first base. All while my house is becoming totaled.
  6. INDUSTRY COMPETITORS: I've learned that many of Allstate competitors offer an easy process. They just send an adjuster to confirm the disaster. They receive contractor bids and pick one. In record timing, they pay out. What is wrong with this picture?
  7. CONCLUSION: I need funds for my house before it is totaled. I need to gut it out. I loved this house and lived in it for 9 years. Giant companies and lobbyists like AS should be forced to maintain and/or exercise ethics that favor their clients. If the account isn’t delinquent then I should win automatically. I purchased this policy and have had it maintained for over 10 years.

Now, I cannot utilize my policy because Allstate digs for imperfections in the process. What is insurance good for otherwise? Unless they can say that I hosed my house down, there is absolutely no reason why I should be treated this way. The only thing I don’t have is an oil bill which was purchased by someone in my past. I just don’t have a copy or know who it was purchased from. Regardless, the boiler has oil in it. They need to pay up and it is a matter of urgency. No one should have to go through this.

*Additional Items demanded by Allstate:

1. A fully completed Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss relating to this loss (if not already provided);
2. A structure and contents inventory for any item or thing you claim was damaged (if not already provided);
3. Any other insurance policies existing at the time of the loss covering the property at issue (if not already provided);
4. All documents, emails, correspondence or communications of any kind which you sent to insurance agents, insurance brokers or insurance companies relating to applications, requests for any insurance coverage, changes in the use or occupancy of the property, or requests for information regarding possible changes or cancellations in any existing insurance coverages from the beginning of your relationship with Allstate and continuing to the present;
5. Any police reports, fire reports, and other statements in your possession which relate to the damage involved in this claim;
6. Any receipts, invoices, estimates, proofs of payment or other written documentation demonstrating proof of purchase/ownership regarding any property that you claim was damaged;
7. Any receipts, invoices, estimates, proofs of payment or other written documentation regarding any repair work performed at or on the property since the date of the damage;
8. Any receipt, invoices, estimates, proofs of payment or other written documents regarding the purchase of any item or material to renovate or repair any portion of the property within the last five (5) years.
9. Any and all correspondence, written documentation or communications between you and any law enforcement authority regarding the property;
10. A copy of any and all lease agreements for the property, if any, since you purchased the property;
11. Any and all of your tax return and tax related documents (W-2’s, etc.) for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016;
12. Any and all documents regarding [any possible] bankruptcy proceedings, trials and/or discharge (if applicable), including but not limited to documents filed with the court and provided to creditors;
13. Any and all utility bills for the property, including but not limited to electric, gas, heat, oil and water, from January 2015 until the present;
14. All documents, invoices and service records relating to any effort you made to maintain heat in the property prior to the loss, including but not limited any effort you made to maintain an adequate amount of oil;
15. All documents, including but not limited to invoices, estimates, reports, and correspondence from any person or business who has inspected the damage from the loss. Please note that this request includes but is not limited to the plumber you informed Allstate was coming out to inspect the loss on or about January 30, 2017. If any person inspected the loss but did not provide any documentation to you, provide the name and contact information of every such person;
16. Any and all service records for the heater and boiler, including fuel delivery service and any maintenance records;
17. All correspondence between you and any mortgage company that holds a mortgage on your property, including but not limited to [any and all mortgage banks you've dealt with].

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