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Please vote NO on Walmart’s expansion!

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Allowing Walmart to build a big box supercenter in our community is simply the wrong kind of growth for Clearlake.

Job Killer.  The minimal low wage, part time jobs that the proposed Walmart Supercenter expansion would arguably create will be offset by significant net job losses that will all occur when at least two major grocers and numerous other small local businesses in the area will be forced to close their doors because they cannot compete with Walmart’s taxpayer subsidized low wages and bulk cheap foreign goods; it is simply not a level playing field when Walmart is involved.

Loss of Sales Tax Revenue. Walmart’s proposed expansion is primarily for the sale of groceries which are non-taxable goods and therefore, very little additional sales tax revenue would go to the city of Clearlake for important public services. But the closer of major grocers and other small businesses that would occur should the expansion be approved will most certainly result in a significant net loss of jobs and other sales tax revenues to the city.

More Crime. Clearlake police have been called out to the Dam Rd Walmart a hefty 295 times! That is almost one incident requiring a police response every day. Each police response costs taxpayers money, and takes scarce police resources away from the rest of the community. Walmart’s plans to expand this store to a 24-hour Supercenter will only bring more crime, create more problems for the neighborhood, and place more burdens on our Police Department.

Lower Quality of Life. A Walmart Supermarket will bring with it well documented traffic congestion, public safety concerns, low wages, and poor customer service that follows wherever they go! All of this will impact our property values and quality of life!

Unnecessary. We already have three full service grocery stores in Clearlake and several smaller neighborhood grocery and convenience stores; do we really need another full service grocery store in our small community?

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