Allowing HHH Security Members to Protect Us

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I request that the following implementation is put in place as soon as possible:

  • The Half Hollow Hills Central School District allows the High School West security team OR the entire Half Hollow Hills security team to be armed while they are on shift. Applies to eligible personnel that means they are a retired law enforcement. The purpose of limiting it to only prior law enforcement officers is to limit the cost of certification/training to $75. If we took non-retired law enforcement and had to train and certify them, it would be hundreds if not a $1000 just for the training and certification compared to $75.

    I personally believe that mental health is the leading cause of school shootings, but we cannot rob ourselves of protection while simultaneously trying to solve a bigger problem. This is an effective, low-profile measure which can be implemented within the next day if the HHH CSD Board of Ed. chooses to do so. 


If you would like to donate money to pay for the waivers for five members of the HHH security team, you can go to to help out. Any support is much apprecaited.

  • To provide a waiver for an eligible HHH security team member, it will cost $1,110. This includes funds for: a Glock 19(standard law enforcement issue firearm, comes with three magazines), a holster, a duty belt(to put the holster and magazine pouches on), magazine pouches, pepper spray, handcuffs(pepper spray and handcuffs implies a pouch is included with purchase), and the certification costs(if they are not already certified) to be armed while on shift. 

In order to provide funding for security members that cannot afford to recertify, purchase necessary equipment, or both, I will be starting a GoFundMe to provide sufficient funds for those specific security members. 

Edits to petition:


  • The Half Hollow Hills Central School District will provide waivers for one firearm, three magazines, a law-enforcement level holster, ammunition, pepper spray, and handcuffs for each security members that CHOOSES to become armed while they are on shift. This is the "standard" for law enforcement loadouts (minus the tactical gear) as per an ex-SWAT team acquaintance I've been in contact with. The purpose of pepper spray and handcuffs is to provide non-lethal options for the security member if students try to overtake him/her. If a group of students decided to overtake one of our security members and take his/her firearm and shoot at other classmates, the fatality potential is 47 people dead. I'm not willing to take a chance like that for such a small cost(less than $200 for both the pepper spray and handcuffs). 
  • Before any member of the Half Hollow Hills security team becomes armed while they are on shift, they have to attend an emergency response course to ensure that the member will understand exactly what to do if an emergency were to arise in the school. The rules for firearm usage for security members goes as follows: no firearm is to be taken out of its holster unless there is a direct threat to life while on Half Hollow Hills’ property. No pepper spray or handcuffs will be taken out of its canister/pouch unless there is a direct threat to the security guard's firearm or life and he cannot use other non-lethal options. 
  • The Half Hollow Hills Central School District will provide waivers for semi-annual shooting practices for Half Hollow Hills security team members. These waivers will provide the security team with enough funds to maintain their current proficiency in firing a weapon. Specifically, will include funds for using space on a range and ammunition the security member(s) used there.

From previous experiences with the HHH CSD Board of Education, I can almost place money on the fact that they will not put money towards "arming" our security members. I will be starting a charity fund to provide money for equipment and certification fees to the security members that choose to help protect the students of Half Hollow Hills. That cannot be started until the Board of Ed. passes the one implementation of this petition.