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Allow Wilmer Martinez to Return to the United States Immediately!

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My 23 year old brother passed away over a year ago. Shortly after, my mom's health began to decline and passed away from her rare disease scleroderma on Saturday, April 14, 2012. My husband was not able to be here for his mother in law or brother in law's funeral and needs to return immediately to be a support emotionally, physically, and financially to my daughter and I. We need him back in the United States immediately. We have been seperated for over 44 months! According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Tegucigalpa Field Office website, "The current processing time for an immigrant visa I-601/I-212 waiver is 12 months in the USCIS Tegucigalpa Field Office. The USCIS national average processing time to complete an immigrant visa I-601/I-212 waiver is 6 months."

If this continues my family will be separated for over 4 years.... Wilmer's absence as my mate, and father to our daughter is placing undue hardship on our family unit. The emotional support every human being should be afforded as a human right, is currently being denied to my family due to bureaucratic paper backlogs and office delays. I plead with those in charge of overseeing our immigration services to please show compassion to my family. Time is of the essense and we need your assistance in helping expedite Wilmer's return.

Background of Our Immigration Case

August 2008-Wilmer was stopped while driving in Belton, Missouri. An ICE hold was placed on him the same day. Throughout the next month he was transferred to 3 different immigration jails until he was deported in the end of September 2008. I was misinformed during this process by the local jail, another holding facility in Missouri, and by ICE for various reasons.

December 2008-Officially submitted paperwork to the National Visa Center-over the next few months, our paperwork was sent back with little to no explanation with what we were needing or why it wasn't acceptable.

August 2010-Wilmer finally had his first embassy appointment in Teguciglapa, Honduras. We knew his application would get rejected however, we were told to wait for further instructions.

October 2011-After I contacted our immigration lawyer about the time length regarding Wilmer's case, she sent an email to USCIS. It was discovered, that the US Embassy in Honduras had prematurely taken our money for the I-601 and I-212 waivers and waiver packets. He was then given another appointment to go to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and inform them that they already had the documents in their files that they needed. We met with the US Department of Homeland Security and were told that we will now need to wait for a letter in the mail stating whether Wilmer will or will not be allowed to return to the United States.

November 2011-I submitted an email to USCIS regarding my additional hardship situations and was informed Wilmer's case would be expedited.

We are currently still waiting and are trying to be patient. Please sign this petition in support of my husband returning to the United States as soon as possible. Our daughter Isabella was only 6 months old when he left and she just turned 4. We cannot be apart any longer, please help us be reunited. Thank you.



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