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Allow Vincent Massey Secondary School to have snow days again!

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It is very difficult for students to arrive at school safely sometimes due to the excessive amounts of snow. If smaller streets aren't cleared early enough, it becomes very difficult to pull out of the driveway and safely make it onto the main streets. These delays sometimes cause unavoidable lates and even absences.  Even though the school realizes this, they count these unavoidable absences and lates in the records. (They don't mark students that arrive via city bus late) Not only that, but it’s just very unreasonable for any parent to have to drive their kid to school when their streets don’t get snow removed. A lot of streets in Windsor do not get their snow removed before later in the day, which is a problem for drivers. When you’re trying to rush to school, or try to get out safely, there is just added traffic, and risks for unnecessary accidents. I think most of the teachers would agree as well that it is a hassle to get in and out of unclear streets, especially with almost 2200 students/teachers attending the school. Overall, I believe it would be in the best interest of all parents, teachers and students int he Vincent Massey community to acknowledge this and sign the petition.

Solution - "No snow days" rule - It is not implied that there will 100% be no snow days. Though the necessary requirements for one, makes it almost impossible to achieve. The conditions for a snow day that are stated in the GECDSB Inclement weather policy, are simply too rare:  What I ask is that the policy itself change, since these weather conditions don't allow for a safe travel to and from Vincent Massey Secondary School. We could change the requirement for the conditions to allow such days to be held during snowfall of at least 1.8 feet, since that much snow reaches the knees of most people and will definitely cause slippery roads. One major reason that schools aren't closed during harsh weather conditions is that the school board is unwilling to pay all of the teachers for what was supposed to be a work day. This means that, teachers are still getting paid on a day such as a snow day, and the board doesn't want to do that since there are so many teachers that work under GECDSB. Although this seems like a selfish issue, I understand that sometimes, it is difficult to accommodate for missing days, and for this, there is a suggestion stated below for how the school board can accommodate for missing days. Therefore, it would be in the board's best interest to revise this rule, since snowfall, and ice on roads can be very unexpected. I urge the director and staff at the district’s school board to make changes and listen to the students’ voices. 

The reason I feel that this change is possible to make is because in the U.S. there are many schools that have allocated days for weather. They set aside 2-3 days for unseen weather conditions. If no snow days happened throughout the year, they get the days off that they set aside. For example if we set 3 days aside for snow days, and we only have 1 snow day, we have 2 days off at the end of the semester. This way, we can be certain about how many days a school year will take up, and still have a happy school community (in terms of snow days). If this works for schools in the U.S., I don't see why this couldn't work for ours.

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