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Allow transgender children in India to wear the uniform of the gender they identify with.

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This petition is to make life better for transgender children in India by decreasing one of the several problems they face growing up in India.And to push for gender neutral clothing in schools.

To give a little background to the people who are new to this system of clothing in Indian schools. In India every single school (99.99%) of the schools have uniforms and those uniforms look like these (the picture above), just the color differs depending on the school. There is a shirt which has to be worn by both sexes and then there is a pair of pants for boys and skirt for girls. Now the thing is trans people like me are forced to wear the uniform of their biological sex disregarding their gender identity completely. 

Me being a trans man (was born as a female but I identify as male) life in school was miserable for me bullying was an everyday event for me. But there was something worse that I had to go through every single day, I was forced to wear 'skirt' at school.

(To explain this better image a boy forced to wear a skirt to school how would he feel.)

Every single day I would feel very disgusted about myself and there was nothing I could do about it, I could ignore the people who said mean stuff to me but this was something I could not fight against, when I asked for permission from my school authorities to wear pants instead of skirt they denied and it is not just the case of one or two schools not even a single school in India would allow that. The thing is to avoid this I could not even skip going to school as home schooling in India is just not possible, I have started a petetion about this as well. (which you can check in my facebook page in notes).

I don't understand what's the big deal about it. It is just an article of clothing how does that matter if I wear pants instead of a skirt. And this is not just about transgender children, why do we have to genderfy everything? Colours Pink-Blue genderfied, Toys Racing Cars-Barby Dolls genderfied and the list goes on till infinity.

Let alone transgender children what about agender people or what about a cis gender person who just simply dosen't want to follow the norms of the society which have be forced upon him/her (like if you a girl you have to wear femenin cloths like a skirt and vice versa. What if next if the schools make a rule that girls will get pink bags and boys blue ? Haha this is soon to come seeing the trends. 


The senerio in other countries (developed) :

The laws pretaning to transgender rights are delevoped a lot in the first world countries, over there transgender children are not only allowed to dress the way they wish to but are even allowed to use the washrooms of the gender they self identify with. In in some countries (like Australia) transgender children are even protected from their parents if their paremts force them to not express their views.


Even if you arn't from India and have nothing to do with India I request you to sign the petetion to show your support, the more sipport we have the more further we can move our aggenda and get a dignified living which we have been denied from as long as the civilizations have exsited. 

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