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Allow the use of capturing footage and audio by removing HDCP on PlayStation 4 gameplay

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Youtube is a huge place where many people post game play footage. A large amount of gamers enjoy to watch these videos for many reasons, here's just a small list. (I'm sure I missed a few but here's the ones that I am familiar with the most)


-High Scores

-Tips and tricks


-Making in game short videos/movies/shows

-Advertising (Checking out a game before one truly commits to purchasing it)

-Video game channels (IGN, G4, Machinima, ect)  // and all other associated channels 


With the Play Station 4 being such a huge hit, millions and millions of people world wide would enjoy more then one of the listed if not MORE (again, I'm sure I have missed a few things while listing)


With the share button only available to "PSN, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch" really puts a lot of successful and strong channels on Youtube in a hurting, even more so because most audiences are familiar and are most comfortable with Youtube being their main "Internet video" source.


Being able to capture game footage and audio from the PS4 would greatly benefit both Sony and repeatable Youtube channels. Even the "little guys" in the youtube community will be at major risk of having much less content to post/share. 


The possibility of "People illegally using HDCP strippers" to capture footage may very well be very high. This is an issue that is bound to happen. If successful Youtube channels get a "strike" against their channel for illegally posting game play on their channel that is supposed to upload game plays and talk about the captured footage as their job then they run a big risk of ruining everything that those channels have worked for.


If you love watching game plays, reviews, commentators, ect on Youtube and want to keep a healthy relationship between Sony and all the "big and little guys" on Youtube up and running, doing what we love! Then please, sign this. Thank you for your time reading.

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