Allow the grade 12s to host stations along the Outreach Walk

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This year, PA has changed the Kibaale Walk into the Outreach Walk to better reflect the aims of our school. This could be a great change for PA and this petition is not trying to undo that change in anyway. This petition is confronting the issue of removing the grade 12 stations along the walk.

I believe that by removing the stations, the school is actually going to have more issues with students. Many grade 12s are talking about setting up their own stations anyways, since it is a public park. And since PA is not organizing it, the stations will have no limitations and no rules or restricions.

As someone who has been a PA student for twelve years, I have loved the Kibaale walk and loved seeing the fun that the grade 12's have. Hearing the fun music and seeing the happy grade 12s with bubbles, pompoms and chalk around the corner helped keep it interesting and motivated my friends and I to keep walking to see what is next. Each station was not only a marker, but a milestone! I understand enforcing rules on the stations such as no water guns, only clean music, etc. but removing the stations completely is unfair to the students and esspecially to the students who have waited many years for this opportunity. I also understand that the original purpose for the station (to provide directions for the younger students and safety in crossing the road) is no longer needed, however I believe there was great community created by having the grade 12s host stations along the walk.

Please sign this petition if you feel similarly to me and hope to see the grade 12 stations brought back to our Outreach Walk. This impacts every grade.

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