Allow Student Finance grants for the 60+

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Thank you for backing grants for Grans

Thank you for signing the petition to find ways for Grans to study with financial assistance just like all under 60s adults can.   

In America there are Silver Degrees and adjusted fee levels for veteran mature students.   UK universities do you hear?  European unis and colleges welcome the older students on to their courses.  Why doesn't England and Wales?  What frightens them about grandad and grandma logging on to postgrad research, helped by student finance loans?   It makes sense that with fixed pensions, usually a secure  roof overhead, and experience as broad and deep as that of most life's analysts, strategists and curious people, then the older you get the bolder you get.  And you know you can do it, when there's a way to that second or third chance, to break the mould, to pioneer flexible educational formats and adaptive new channels to be opened for the grandads and grans.  I want to learn, discern, apply and enjoy.  I can't give up on this and thank you very much for sharing this journey with me.  I am encouraged you signed this.  Places of learning should not be age discriminatory  as they are.  They are not to be exclusive clubs for young adults.  No one seems to have thought that older people can concentrate well, apply themselves diligently and contribute inspirational insights to a topic, because public perception is of skills falling away, bad memory,  poor mobility and everything worsening with age.  That just isn't true.

Conquer your mind, conquer the world: "Animum vincere, vicit mundum".  Everyday is a new day and be grateful for it.  Please sign this petition to the Government Minister for Education.  Time never stands still! 

Susanna D Williams
4 months ago