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ALLOW SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN AUSTRALIA!: Help raise awareness to Julia Gillard

You wake up to the phone ringing at 1:00 a.m. It’s the hospital calling to tell you that your loved one was in a head on collision caused by a drunk driver. Quickly you rush to the hospital only to find out that they have gone into a coma. Panicked, you plead to see them. The nurse asks if you are a spouse or relative, “No, but we have been together for thirty-five years we are partners.” The nurse replies, “I’m sorry, but only spouses or family can see her.”

Imagine that, imagine not being able to see your loved one when they could die. I know you probably think nothing will happen if you sign this but if we can get this to the most signed petition on here it WILL get noticed ! so please sign this petition

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