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Allow Richard and Stephen to choose where they want to spend the last years of their lives

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This update by Richard and Stephen is to thank their supporters and to provide feedback about their two recent appearances at the Tribunal to defend the case brought against them by Mr David Elkin the CEO of The Vasey Housing Association.

The intention was to force them to accept a transfer to another Vasey retirement village in another suburb; alternately their “lifelong contract” would be cancelled with no financial options available to them.

All they are individually requesting is for “like for like” (1 bedroom for 1 bedroom) accommodation for what they have a 35sq metre one bedroom unit, in Waitara.

What has been revealed at the Tribunal, is that Vasey do not have approval to build a new retirement village, two years after their announcement to do so.

The residents were pressurized to move quickly as there would be large increases in their recurrent charges if they stayed in the village.

Should a Village Operator be allowed to pressurize senior citizens, (one lady was in her nineties) to speedily vacate their apartments if they have no approval to build a new village?

This case has wider implications than just Richard and Stephen. Many older villages are in the process of being upgraded. We do not want this to happen again in the future to other residents.

Whoever loses this important case will no doubt appeal. This is a going to be a long process and Richard, Stephen and the RVRA are requesting your ongoing support.

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Richard and Stephens original story:
The Castle Mk II

This is a script that appears to be similar to The Castle movie. However, at this moment, it is more of a tragedy than a comedy. Unfortunately, there is nothing “that is going straight to the pool room,” in this tragedy.

It is taking place at the Parkview Village in Waitara, where the residents were informed in mid-2014 that the village would be demolished by the owner, Vasey Housing Association, and replaced by a $47m 12 story building containing 117 units. This was the start of a drive to get all residents to vacate the buildings. They were successful in that there are only two residents left, Richard Best and Stephen Baume.  Mr David Elkins the CEO of Vasey, engaged one of Australia’s largest law firms to terminate their lifetime resident contracts of Richard and Stephen and evict them both. They will then be forced to live the last years of their lives in a place they do not want to be. 

Richard and Stephen are the only two souls left in the village that housed 55 residents. At a budget meeting in late 2015, the residents were informed that due to the closure of the village, there would be an increase of $500 per quarter in their charges for residents remaining in the village.

All they are asking for is like for like accommodation, but it must be in close proximity to where they are staying.Richard grew up and lived in this area for most of his life. There are extensive medical facilities close at hand with a variety of specialist doctors in the fields of oncology, cardiology which are needed.

They do not want to change homes but if they have to, it is essential that they do not change their local environment and support systems. Richard and Stephen have been engaged for almost a year in fighting their cause, mostly on their own. However, as a result of the Tribunal proceedings to evict them, the RVRA (Retirement Village Residents Association) has started this petition on their behalf. Peter Hill, Hill & Co Lawyers, the RVRA honorary solicitor has agreed to defend these disadvantaged residents in this case, on a pro bono basis.

Thank you for your support!

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