Allow Refugees to Live in RVs on Properties

Allow Refugees to Live in RVs on Properties

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Started by igor tchouiko

With over 700K Ukrainian refugees as of today, and an estimated 4 million in the coming weeks, Canada must play its part in providing shelter and hope. But Canada is in the midst of a housing crisis, with major cities requiring a minimum rent of $1500/month for a one bedroom apartment.

We have a unique opportunity to show our support for Ukrainian refugees but also to help address our housing crisis. The way we can help both is by changing municipal by-laws to allow people, especially refugees, to live in the many RVs that sit all year on peoples driveways and properties. 

Many people want to take refugees in but simply don't have the space in their homes. If living in an RV was legal this would greatly alleviate the pressure on the local available housing.

This is not a new idea, but many municipalities are hesitant to implement this idea because no current taxing system is in place. But this can be simply solved by implementing a RV dwelling registration fee that charges the home owner between $50-$150/month. This extra revenue can be used by municipalities to help improve environmental infrastructure. 

Farm land is also prime territory for parking RVs, they are already allowed to store RVs, lets also allow them to house people!

If Canada sits back and does nothing, the price for refugees will be high. Let us unite and help address the problem of available housing in Canada.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!