Allow Refugee Status for Ukrainians fleeing the war

Allow Refugee Status for Ukrainians fleeing the war

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Started by Cam Lewis


The people of the Ukraine are experiencing the largest, most brutal battle seen on the European continent since World War II. They are facing off with one of the World’s three great superpowers. Russia’s unprecedented violation of international law and basic human morality has torn apart families and forced millions of peaceful, democratic seeking individuals into exile. 

  Member States of the European Union have opened their arms to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees so far and are expected to welcome more as the violence continues. Countries like Poland and Germany have committed to helping displaced Ukrainians start a new life in their countries. Ukrainians love their country and don’t want to leave but the fact is, even if Russia pulled out tomorrow, it will take tens of years and millions of dollars before the Ukraine can return to Pre-Invision status.

  The United States once was the beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world but not today. To date, the United States Government has refused to add the Ukraine onto the list of countries that designate Refugee status. Per the office of a high ranking Senator, “Europe is welcoming Ukrainian refugees so we don’t have too.” Is that how we want to be seen throughout the world? “We don’t have to help because someone else is?”

What happened to: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?

  The Ukrainian people are proud of their country and heritage but want nothing more than to work and raise their families in a happy, healthy and democratic society. 

  By signing this petition we are urging the Biden administration to add Ukrainian citizens to the list of foreign citizens eligible to apply for Refugee status in the United States. 

639 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!