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Allow priests in the CofE to choose to bless civil partnerships in church

We support the growing number of Church of England clergy who wish to bless civil partnerships in their churches.

Many lesbian and gay Christians wish to have their civil partnerships registered in their parish church by their parish priest in the presence of their community. They wish to affirm their love and commitment in the presence of God in their spiritual home.

Since December it has  been legally possible to bless civil partnerships on religious premises.  It is time for the Church of England to openly affirm the love, ministry and fidelity of all LGBT people, supporting them in their journey in faith.

We ask the General Synod of the Church of England to allow churches wishing to register civil partnerships the freedom to do so under the new legislation.


We ask the House of Bishops to give clergy the freedom to register civil partnerships in church followed by a service of prayer and dedication.


Organised by Changing Attitude

(When you sign, it would be great if you can mention whether you are a lay or ordained member of the Church of England and if so, where you worship).

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    Allow priests in the CofE the freedom to bless civil partnerships

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