Allow my husband to come home for the birth of our child

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 In 1999, I was an American attending college in Lagos, Nigeria. Little did I know I would meet the love of my life while studying in that wonderful country. We got married last year, and are expecting a baby at the end of this month. It’s a story for the study abroad catalog, certainly.

But our love story has become a bureaucratic nightmare. When we got married, I filed an I-130 petition to bring my husband to the U.S. so we could start our life together here. Everything was quickly approved on the U.S. side. But when my husband went for his interview at the U.S. Embassy in Lagos, they claimed they didn’t see enough evidence of a real marriage between us and put our petition in “administrative processing.”

We have been together for 15 years, and our relationship is well documented. We have provided them proof of all of this, yet they refuse to hear us. I have a c-section scheduled in a few weeks. My husband will not be present at the birth of his child, or to help me recuperate, if we cannot convince the embassy to end this unnecessary processing.

The U.S. has approved his visa. We have furnished every shred of proof we have of our true and loving relationship, and all other documents requested. Please, demand that the adjudicator at the U.S. Embassy in Lagos take my husband off administrative processing and allow him to attend the birth of his baby.

Due to high blood pressure, I have been unable to work during this pregnancy and am quickly running out of money. But in order to even see my own husband, I have had to scrounge the funds to fly to Nigeria three times in the last months. I can’t afford to keep doing this. And now, new developments with the Zika Virus and Lassa fever make further travel to Nigeria a non-option out of fear for the baby’s health.

Our relationship is being strained because of this separation. And I truly don’t know what I will do without my husband here to help me after my surgery, with a newborn.  

This delay is cruel and unnecessary, and threatens to tear a family apart. Please help me call on the U.S. Embassy in Lagos to end my husband’s administrative processing and grant him his visa, so he may join me immediately for the birth of our child.

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