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Allow Mini Pigs to be kept as Pets in Andover

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When we discovered mini pigs as pets I knew immediately we needed to add one of these cute little piglets to our family. After much research I have learned the city of Andover, where we reside, does not allow Mini Pigs as pets unless we have 5 acres or more. According to Andovers ordinance 325A Mini Pigs are considered Farm animals. However, there are very clear distinctions between large breeds raised commercially as livestock and the miniature breeds of pets. Mini pigs are not raised, housed, treated, or used for the purposes of livestock and are not a single breed such as potbellied pig, but rather a size classification of smaller sized pigs that are raised as clean and quiet pets. There are several breeds of mini pigs, Potbellies, Juliana and Kune Kune just to name a few. This ordinance is outdated and needs to be changed to differentiate between livestock and pets.

Mini Pigs are affectionate, intelligent, excellent communicators, and very much loved as family pets across the world.

Mini pigs can be trained to use a litter box like a cat, or to go outside into the yard to use the bathroom just like the family’s dog. 

Mini pigs average in height from 12 to 18 inches tall at maturity. They are short and heavy. They are very similar in height to English Bulldogs or Cocker Spaniels. Mini pigs average 50-150 lbs in weight when full grown, very similar in weight to medium to large dogs but the pigs are much shorter in height than a dog with similar weight. A 70 pound mini pig will take up less space on the couch than his 70 pound Weimerainer brother. 

Pet mini pigs should have all the same rights and restrictions as cats and dogs.

Please help by signing my petition. I have already contacted The mayor of Andover and all of the city council members on the issue to try to get the ordinance changed, but would like to show that we have the support of others. 

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