Allow Milo Yiannopoulos to Speak at the University of Washington

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Milo IS coming to UW - with your support!

Hello everyone, thank you for signing this petition, it was very helpful. We can confirm that Milo isn't being blocked from coming to UW, but we are being given a lot of unavoidable security fees at outrageous prices - about $7000 worth to be specific. We have set up a gofundme that will help us be able to afford this. We are doing our own fundraising as a club and will be adding a significant amount of our own money to help pay for the event in the coming days, but we still need help. If you are in the Seattle area or can come down for the event, we have two ways you can pay for entry into the event now that all the free tickets have been accounted for. the first 30 people who pay $100 will get in and be given a free "Make UW Great Again" hat. The next 11 people who pay at least $250 will get in first, get the best seats near the front, and get the opportunity to meet milo before the event starts. We are grateful for any amount though because we don't want to have to cancel the event because we have loud protestors here who get their way by crying and require extra security for when they start causing problems. Please help us bring Milo to UW.

Chevy Swanson
5 years ago