Allow men and partners to stay with their new born babies overnight

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In New Zealand, a lot of places do not allow the fathers of new born babies or partners/helpers of women who have just given birth, to stay with them overnights.

I think this is unfair and sexist (in a male situation) to not be allowed to stay with your new baby or wife/partner when some women can not get out of bed to do the cares that a new baby needs while they stay in hospital.

My first baby (I had an epidural) I couldn’t move from my bed and had to force the hospital to allow my partner to stay in with me (he had to leave at 10.30pm on the night his son was born just to go home to get a thin foam mattress we had to sleep on the floor, he was not allowed a bed as someone else needed it, and he had to stay in the room and not leave to go to the bathroom etc) which was only because of my mental health. 

This is not ok, when all mothers who have had babies want is someone to stay with them and help if they need it! Please help this change by signing the petition and allow our men, or partners stay in hospital etc with their babies!