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Grandparents both in Australia and around the world are being blocked from visiting their grandchildren and the only way they can fight for this basic human right is through long, drawn out court battles which often end up in tears and heartache. And often leave the older persons involved penniless.

Grandparents should not have to spend their twilight years and the last of their savings fighting their own children over such shameful behaviour.

The laws in Australia need to change so that grandparents everywhere have mandatory rights to visit their grandchildren (except in the most serious of circumstances like murder or pedophilia). This would stop many parents using denial of visitation rights as a cruel and malicious revenge tactic over some petty disagreement or as blackmailing tool to defraud a grandparent out of their money or property.

In other words, it will stop other selfish narcissists from treating their children as  "bargaining chips"  instead of individuals with basic human rights.

The laws at the moment are destroying lives and splitting families apart and I believe all this misery could end with the simple stroke of a pen.

Anyone who has experienced being abandoned as a grandparent will tell you it is like a "living death" as there is no closure and it should be regarded as the cruelest form of psychological elder abuse.

Such behaviour often goes hand in hand with financial elder abuse with the child's parents saying something like, "give me your money or you will never see your grandchildren again. We will move away and you will never find us". Yes, such evil does exist right here in Australia and there are more people threatening such things than you realise, right now, to their elderly parents, behind closed doors.

So please sign the petition and help us change visitation laws to ensure all grandparents and grandchildren in Australia have the chance to experience loving, caring relationships, which should be their basic human right in a democracy like Australia.