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Allow Legal Hunters to Help Stop Elephant Poaching

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In Tanzania, poachers kill 7,500 African elephants each year in order to sell their ivory tusks for profit. Legal elephant hunting companies and their clients used to kill 50-100 elephants per year until 2014, when the US Fish & Wildlife (USFWS) made it illegal for them to bring the tusks from the elephants they had shot in Tanzania to the United States. The USFWS should reverse this law and once again make it legal for legal hunters to bring tusks home. 

Legal elephant trophy hunters provide massive support to the Tanzanian game scouts who are in the bush catching poachers. Legal elephant hunters also put hundreds of thousands of dollars directly into the local economy which spreads wealth so the local people feel less need to help or join poachers. 

How hunters support game scouts:

-- Sighting poachers in the elephant regions and calling in their GPS coordinates

-- Tracking, apprehending and turning in poachers

-- Finding and destroying poachers' camps

-- Clearing fallen trees off the roads and building the roads up after rainstorms, which helps the game scouts as they pass through looking for poachers

-- Being present so poachers will be less present

-- Having game scouts on each of their hunting vehicles so the government can cover more ground

-- Digging and maintaining wells

-- Securing and delivering food, fuel,tools, and medicine

-- Providing on-the-job training to game scouts, such as how to track and plan approaches on poaching parties

-- Giving the game scouts cash bonuses for each poacher they apprehend

-- Finding and destroying animal traps

-- Donating animal meat to the game scouts

-- Inviting anti-poaching teams to share their camps

How legal hunters improve the local economy and keep locals from helping or joining the poachers

-- Hiring trackers, chefs, drivers, skinners, road crews, servers, housekeepers, mechanics, electricians, builders, and others to work in their offices and camps

-- Paying and tipping for services such as taxis, insurance, hotels, copying, phone service, restaurants, repairmen, cooking school, charter flights, deliveries and more

-- Purchasing vehicles, generators, fuel, food, beverages, clothes, tools, furniture, camping equipment, spare parts and more

-- Donating animal meat, clothing, shoes, boots, medicine, school supplies, toys, hats, coats and more to villagers

Tanzania's game scouts depend on legal hunters. 

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