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Allow L.A.P.D. and Other Peace Officers to Check Immigration

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I want to accomplish safe work environments preventing workplace violence against all people no matter their citizenship and safe communities for families. I want us to accomplish this as strong communities throughout California where people will continue to cooperate with law enforcement because of the rise of gang related killings against children. An example is the death of Jamiel Shaw , infant Andrew Garcia in Van Nuys California, and recent murders of Aaron Shannon in his Spiderman outfit. There has been increasing violence against children;young teenagers and other citizens because law enforcement has not been able to identify some of these murderers because they are not able to identify them in the first place. This is in no way to discriminate against anyone because of citizenship,race, color, or religion; but there are too many children being murdered;raped, missing, and killings that have not been seen since during the Civil Rights Movement. It is the free will of the people according to civil liberties to be able to go to work; enjoy a game at Dodger's stadium; and go about their business without being attacked by thugs and hoodlums. It is the civil right of children to be able to go to school without being in fear and being afraid of criminals that might shoot them or bully them because their parents may or may not be in this country legally or practicing Jim Crow laws which were outlawed many years ago. There has been crimes here in California in which some people are afraid just to go to grocery store because of robbery and shootings and the L.A.P.D. and other law enforcement would use the ability to check for immigration status to identify these people and assist the federal authorities who have the ability to make the decision as to who wil be deported and who will not. I also say this because there has been too many murders against children who are innocent and it does not matter what country they are from; they are innocent human beings and look to us to protect them. I believe the L.A.P.D. would use this ability to stop and deter crime and make communities safer for all citizens. This will also stop the trafficking of young women brought to California to work as sex slaves and many young immigrants working and later murdered. This also helps protect employers as well. This should be the will of all people to be safe and protect our communities and speak up if there is any hint of domestic terroism as well according to the USA Patriot Act. I believe the recent killings of so many children and gang related killings towards our citizens is in violation of the USA Patriot Act and these people also need to be removed from this country and California since what they are doing falls under domestic terroism which is a crime against the people and should be deported.

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