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Allow Jesus Lunch to continue at Fireman's Park!

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Jesus Lunch is a group of MHS students that meet 8 weeks in the spring and 8 weeks in the fall at Fireman's Park. Moms of some students provide lunches and have a 3 minute discussion about something Biblical. Students may choose to listen or not listen to the message and all attendance is entirely voluntary.

Fireman's Park is a public park and the Jesus Lunch organization has a lease with the City of Middleton for use of the pavilion. In their press statement they say that the City of Middleton has confirmed within the past week their right to use the park.

Jesus Lunch has had a positive impact on our students lives and we go entirely by choice! We love the moms and the messages Jesus Lunch speaks about. We want the Jesus Lunch to continue!


Jesus Lunch official press release:

We would like to thank you for this opportunity to hear our story, as the Middleton School District has not yet approached us to discuss what we do or how the Jesus Lunch began. We have invited them to attend, but as of date they have declined.

The question here is not us being in opposition to the school, but rather that we have a right to be in Fireman's Park. Fireman's Park - a public park owned by the City of Middleton - remains accessible to everyone in the public for the purposes of assembly and free speech. By law, the lease agreement between the city and the School District of Middleton does not privatize the park. The City of Middleton has sent us a letter this week and acknowledged our rental agreement of the pavilion at Fireman's Park. 

Our mission statement for Jesus Lunch is "food for the body, nutrition for the soul". Our goal each week is to share a Biblical truth. Students who come to lunch are not required to listen to or participate in the 3-5 minute message. Jesus Lunch began in the fall of 2014 with a small group of our children and their friends. Our children continued to tell their friends, who told their friends, and through word of mouth the Jesus Lunch continues to grow.

Students that attend Jesus Lunch have expressed their desire for Jesus Lunch to continue. The Jesus Lunch has become the highlight of the week for students and those involved!

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