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Allow Individuals with Non-Violent Cannabis Crimes to have a Second Chance at Life

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Not all individuals who have criminal records are criminals. If this is the individual's first offense and has no prior records or history of violence/drug use, he/she should be allowed a second chance if he/she has successfully completed the rehabilitation program. People must undergo a rigorous rehabilitation period, which should include at minimum 1000+ hours of community service, drug rehab or alcohol rehab, probation period, court supervision period. This should apply to all individuals involved in non-violent or victimless crimes. Indeed this mainly applies for those individuals who are victims of the War on Drugs. Mainly charges that include marijuana possession/intent to deliver. 

It is not fair to individuals who seek to improve their lives only to find out they cannot do anything about it. Because most employers have background checks, this forces the individual to go back to a life of crime because it is seemingly the only option! 

If all this is completed and the individual has been actively seeking to improve their life (seekingemployment, going to religious groups, discontinuing negative habits, abstaining from drugs/alcohol) and submits to voluntary drug/alcohol screens the individual should be allowed to either have their criminal record expunged/sealed. The individual also must provide letters of recommendation from the appropriate sources proving the above statement. Furthermore, the individual may also be eligible to entirely dismiss all charges and have a clean criminal history that doesn't show up on employment or licensing screens. If the individual has any arrests during the rehabilitation period, he/she is automatically disqualified. This includes traffic violations. 

Too many educated and hard-working people are in the wrong place at the wrong time and committed and honest mistake that shouldn't follow them for the rest of their lives! 


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