Allow hospices to provide only hospice palliative care- not euthanasia

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We are NOT asking for your support for or against medical-assisted death.

We are asking for your support in the location of where euthanasia is happening.

The legalization of medical-assisted death in Canada was never meant to infringe on the existing end of life care called hospice palliative care.  They are 2 very different options that don’t belong under the same roof.  Medical-assisted death is a medical procedure that requires a certain level of medical specialty. Palliative care is another medical specialty, that requires specialty training, and has been defined by the World Health Organization.    

In some areas of Canada, like Fraser Health in BC, hospices are being forced to provide medical-assisted death in their facilities. If Canada’s intention was to respect all choices, why are conscientiously-objecting institutions being forced into this divisive and sensitive issue?

As Canadians move forward into this uncharted territory, let us all provide compassion, dignity, choice, and respect to one another.

In concert with increasing access to medical-assisted death, there is also a mandate to increase access to hospice palliative care so that those at end of life have a real choice between 2 options.  It is critical that we keep the 2 options separate to have excellence in process, safety, staff training, family follow-up after death, and ideal experiences for those in a vulnerable time.

Please show your support to keep hospice palliative care and medical-assisted death in separate locations, and as separate medical specialties in Canada.

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