Graffiti @ SMFA, pls

Graffiti @ SMFA, pls

124 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Why this petition matters

Started by Edward Hans

SMFA must not force its janitorial staff to remove inoffensive student graffiti on its walls. 

If anything, the school ought to promote further art on her blank walls. Blank walls reflect blank minds--- or, in this case, ones which have been scrubbed clean by the command of the administration. If SMFA truly, "is a community where respect for one another is paramount", then the vandalism wouldn't be removed, for a few main reasons:

1) unnecessary strain on already overworked and underpaid workers

2) friends don't destroy friends' artwork without permission

3) art schools ought to have art on them

4) there is no financial nor human cost to the school if the work is not removed

5) the real vandals are the ones taking down the art

No one wants to come to an art school lacking in art. SMFA pales in comparison with other schools, who actually allow free expression across their campuses. Our walls should be as jam-packed with art as possible. Reject the vandals and their destructive cleaning. 

We hope we can come together as a community and ask for your support and cooperation to bring an end to these disruptive incidents of vandalism and graffiti.

124 have signed. Let’s get to 200!