Allow Graham UK Tour

Allow Graham UK Tour

5 February 2020
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Glasgow City Council (Director of Community Empowerment and Equalities) and 9 others
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Why this petition matters

Cancellation of the Franklin Graham UK Tour 2020 due to calls from LGBT groups (as reported  by THE BBC) is a breach of the human right of thousands of Christians in the UK, a lot of whom are looking forward to this tour.
The message of Christianity is a message of love and hope (not homophobic). The Gospel of Jesus Christ is fundamentally based on God's love to humanity and admonishes every Christian to Love God and Love our neighbours just as ourselves (and that includes EVERYBODY irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation and more). The Bible even goes as far as saying ' Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, that they have seen, cannot love God, that they have not seen. 1John 4:20).
That is what our faith as Christians is based upon and that should not be a threat to anyone. 
How does cancellation of the Franklin Graham Tour breach human right:

Article 9: Freedom of thought, religion and belief: you can believe what you like and practise your religion or beliefs.
1. Cancelling the events is telling Christians they are not allowed to openly practice their faith or engage in Christian events because of opposing views to other groups. People belief different things but that doesn't stop coexistence. 

Article 10: Free speech and peaceful protest: you have a right to speak freely and join with others peacefully, to express your views.
2. It does look like everyone with a different view on LGBT is being punished for their views. Being able to express one's view is a fundamental human right and anything done to suppress people’s views or force a different view on them is a breach. There is no room for hostility but there is definitely room for views to differ. Otherwise Politicians who have expressed contrary views on other religions in the past should not have been allowed  to campaign. As deeply divisive as our views were on Brexit, events organised by Remainers as well as Leavers were allowed.

Article 14: No discrimination: everyone’s rights are equal. You should not be treated unfairly – because, for example, of your gender, race, disability, sexuality, religion or age.
Allowing Pride parades country wide without any restriction but disallowing a Christian tour sure is discriminatory in every sense. The Authorities are supposed to be fair in dealing with the citizens. Not showing preference to a group over the other. 
Tolerance should not be a one-way thing. The LGBT community needs to show tolerance to other groups, beliefs, sexual orientation as much as the wider UK community has towards the LGBT+ community.
Christians all over UK are looking forward to the UK Graham Tour and should not be denied of their rights to freely and openly practice their faith.


We urge the Authorities and Councils of Sheffield, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle, Milton Keynes and London to allow the Franklin Graham UK Tour 2020 to proceed as planned.

Thank you

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Signatures: 4,010Next Goal: 5,000
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  • Newcastle city council
  • Glasgow City CouncilDirector of Community Empowerment and Equalities
  • Sheffield City CouncilInterim CEO
  • International Convention Centre Wales
  • ACC Liverpool