Allow Stranded Foreigners in India to Return Home

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My name is Shounak Chattopadhyay and I work for the Provincial Government in Canada. I am writing this petition to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on behalf of thousands of Canadians who are trapped in India amidst this 21 day lockdown. 

Given that the lockdown was announced unexpectedly, thousands of us were not able to secure flight. And even if we managed to reschedule, the ban kept on extending from March 29th to April 14th. More than 15,000 Canadian passport holders are currently registered with Global Affairs Canada as being in India, according to the federal government.

Many of us are being forced to go out of our hostels and booked accommodation on the fear that foreigners are spreading the virus. All of us have contacted our consulates, and they are asking us to pay 3000$ for a flight back to Canada. It is an outrageous price and lots of us with families are not able to afford this.

India was able to repatriate lots of their own citizens from other countries amidst this lockdown. And we ask to be granted the same human rights to be allowed to go back to our own countries. Not only Canadians but all other Foreign Nationals who are stranded.

We implore DGCA to allow us to go back to our home countries and be reunited with our families. Once again, time is of the essence. Please lift the ban on International and Domestic Flights after 14th April so we can all go back to our countries.

PLEASE SHARE THIS with everyone you know. We need to bring awareness to this cause ASAP.