Allow Foreign Students to enter Japan


Allow Foreign Students to enter Japan

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Started by Davide Rossi

Every year students from all over the world decide to come to Japan to study.  They come here to learn but also to take part in Japanese society and culture, offering their experiences and knowledge to Japan in exchange, for many Japan becomes their new home.

Since March 2020 thousands of foreign students that had applied to come to Japan to study have been left in limbo, as Japan put in place visa invalidation and travel bans, without giving a clear date on when they will be able to enter the country.

Each month, their hopes for positive news about the bans being lifted has gone unanswered as the ban has been extended repeatedly with no information or deadline as to when they will be able to enter.

We know that it is very important to follow precautions to make sure that the COVID-19 doesn’t spread further but students are ready and willing to take necessary precautions to limited any spread including being tested before and after entering Japan, will not use public transportation on arrival, and do any required quarantine.

Japanese nationals, Residents, business people, and government-sponsored university students are now able to enter Japan as long as they follow these precaution measures, why not also let language students who have invested so much of their hopes for their future in Japan to enter too.

We ask the government to commit to remove the visa invalidations for all student visas as soon as possible and allow foreign students into Japan as soon as possible.











This petition made change with 7,924 supporters!

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