Allow families to take children out of school for 10 days a year during term time

Allow families to take children out of school for 10 days a year during term time

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Why this petition matters

Started by Apple Cider

As a father of two, I cannot afford to take my family on holidays during half terms because the cost of holidays usually shoots up during this time. The cost of holidays during half terms is nine times costlier than during school terms. This is not right and not even fair on children. Neither is it favorable for hard-working parents.

I do not deny the importance of education, nor am I kicking against our children's punctual attendance in their schools. Undeniably, punctuality and adequate education propagate their successful progression. But we can all agree that quality family time is also essential.

The cost of living crisis squeezes families' budgets and makes it almost impossible to go on holidays during peak holiday seasons.

Why We Need a Change -The Effect on Families and Children
Do we have to spend the whole year working and schooling without going on holidays because of the inflated holiday costs?
Can our children not have ten days in a year during their school terms to go on budget-friendly holidays with their families?
Cost-intensive holidays can force desperate hard-working parents to use credit card loans to pay for holidays. And the consequence is that it incurs debts and stress to the family when the holidays are over. However, the reverse is when families enjoy holidays with cost-effective budgets that do not cause them to break the bank. And this is only possible during the term time.
While some may argue that the children will lose out and it will affect their academic performance, I believe that with proper arrangements with the teachers, the impact of the days missed can be lessened.
Let’s be factual, only a few families can afford the high cost of holidays during half terms. Hence, the reason for the 10-day holiday petition for every school child during school terms.

We need a change and we need it now!

Thanks for your support.

49 have signed. Let’s get to 50!