Allow Electronic & Home Appliances Retail Stores to stay open during COVID-19 Lockdown

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Ever since the lockdown was declared due to COVID-19 from the 22nd March 2020 onwards, Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Stores across the country are closed.

Many products under this business category are extremely essential. Products such as Refrigerators, Water Purifiers, Gas Stoves, ACs are life-essential products.

In today's time, a Refrigerator is an extremely necessary product. Not only the average households but many hospitals, laboratories, grocery stores are in urgent need of Refrigerator. Even for average households in India, a refrigerator is an extremely necessary product since Perishable foods and milk need to be stored in the refrigerator for a longer period especially in this long lockdown and summer. 

Water Purifiers are again a basic necessity and very essential product for every household and human. Hospitals and laboratories are also in urgent need of this product because of the high volume at their facilities.

Laptops and IT gadgets: With the "Work from Home" concept, companies are asking employees to work from home, but millions of employees do not have Laptops or PC or they are not well equipped at home. In order to work from home, they are in urgent need of these products. 

Along with selling these essential products, stores and brands also offer a maintenance service. Many healthcare facilities and thousands of households are in urgent need of maintenance service since life-essential products are not working at their place. What if water purifiers are not working at hospitals? What if water purifiers and refrigerators are not working at lonely seniors citizens' houses or at patients staying at home.

Dealers and brands across the country are getting calls from the citizens, healthcare institutes, hospitals, laboratories, essential manufacturers and they are asking if Consumer Electronic stores can urgently deliver the required products as said above.

On Behalf of citizens of India, We urge the Government of India and all State Governments to allow Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Stores and Brands to keep open and operate during lockdown period with keeping social distance measurement in place.

Timely Support from the government will be highly appreciated

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Mr. Sanket Patel