Support the Legalisation of Privately-Owned E-Scooters on South Australian Streets

Support the Legalisation of Privately-Owned E-Scooters on South Australian Streets

8 June 2022
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Tom Koutsantonis (Minister)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bradley Lloyd

I urge the South Australian government to legalize the private ownership and street-use of electric scooters (E-scooters). Adopting this eco-friendly mode of transport will not only make our community greener but also offer a variety of benefits ranging from financial savings to health improvements. Below are some compelling reasons to support this initiative:

Sustainable Commuting
One of the most significant advantages of E-scooters is their zero emissions, contributing to reduced air pollution. As cities and their residents shift towards eco-conscious lifestyles, personal electric micro-mobility devices (PEMDs), such as E-scooters, offer a sustainable alternative to cars. Furthermore, most E-scooter components are recyclable, minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact.

Health Perks
While E-scooters won't replace your gym membership, they do offer some low-impact physical activity. Riders can burn calories, strengthen core muscles, and improve balance and posture. Say goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle of sitting in traffic!

Ideal for Short Journeys
E-scooters are perfect for short-distance commutes, which make up the bulk of daily travel. Unlike cars, E-scooters are easy to park, fuel-efficient, and a practical solution for first and last-mile transportation challenges. Their portability allows riders to integrate them seamlessly into their daily commute, including public transport.

Enhanced Security
Contrary to popular belief, E-scooters present a lower security risk compared to cars. Provided you secure your scooter adequately, the chances of theft are minimal. You can even bring it inside with you if you're concerned about leaving it unattended.

E-scooters occupy less space than cars, alleviating parking congestion in metropolitan areas. Their compact size also makes them convenient for storage and transport, freeing up valuable urban space.

Reduced Traffic Congestion
By opting for E-scooters for shorter commutes, we can dramatically reduce traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. Fewer cars on the road mean faster, smoother rides for everyone, including those who still need to use cars.

Enhances Local Economy
Making short-range travel more accessible can increase foot traffic to local businesses. More mobility means more potential customers walking through local shops, cafes, and service providers.

Encourages Exploration and Tourism
E-scooters can offer tourists a fun and convenient way to explore, thereby enhancing local tourism and contributing to the economy.

Integration with Existing Public Transport
E-scooters can be easily integrated into a multi-modal public transportation system, providing excellent first-mile, last-mile solutions and filling the transportation gaps where needed.

Community Building
Shared E-scooter services can foster community spirit through social features embedded in their associated apps.

E-scooters can offer an easier-to-use alternative to traditional public transport, making daily commutes more accessible for everyone.

Job Creation
The E-scooter economy has the potential to create jobs, from maintenance and charging stations to customer service and city partnerships.

Promoting Tech Innovation
The legalization of E-scooters could spur technological advancements as companies compete to offer safer, more efficient, and more convenient options.

Not only do E-scooters have a lower upfront cost—around $500-$700 compared to the average $40,729 price tag on a new car in Australia—they also save users money on fuel and maintenance, providing an affordable commuting option for low-income families.

Adds a Dash of Fun
Last but not least, E-scooters add a fun and adventurous element to daily commuting. Feel the wind in your hair and the freedom to go wherever you please without the hassle of parking and fueling up.

I strongly encourage everyone to join me in urging the South Australian government to legalize the use of privately-owned E-scooters. Together, we can reap the myriad rewards and benefits of this innovative mode of transport.

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Signatures: 109Next goal: 200
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