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Allow elderly parents of Victims of domestic violence visit their children in the UK

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A lot of people are suffering in silence and they become trapped because they feel helpless. Domestic violence is very common in many homes and a large number of people are going through this alone everyday mostly women and most especially single mums. Many times some of them are at the mercy of their abusers because they are suffering with so many responsibilities such as going to work and juggling school runs etc. Sadly this people did not ask to be in this situation. But they are vulnerable and when this is the case sometimes victims are subjected to a demeaning situation.
Family contact is very important especially where necessary some victims might find it safe to confide in their parents than authorities because of the bond they share. Some people are foreigners and perhaps naturalised.
Victims who have got children may not be able travel due to so many constraints for some people it might be work, children's school or financial constraints etc.
There are so many people losing jobs everyday due to stress, depression and many mental health problems.
Victims of domestic violence needs a lot of support to integrate them back into the society. Many do not the confidence to open up about it.
Effects of domestic abuse on the society does not just lie with the victims it is a two way dimension problem, the victims are crushed and children are crushed. How many more children are we going to allow grow up damaged because the one thing that matters to their parents to remain strong is denied. Family support plays perhaps a more stronger part psychologically to victims more than anything else.
Having a healthy society starts within the home front first. It has been seen that even children or victims who have witnessed and experienced an abuse are most likely to become dysfunctional many times not by choice.
I feel the immigration rule should excercise some sort of compassion in this area because this is a very sensitive issue. Or perhaps pay more attention to the very insignificant things people might be saying. So many people are suffering and dying silently because they don't know what to do. A lot of people commit sucide just because they didn't have the right person to speak to or perhaps talking to someone they felt comfortable with.
The purpose of this petition is for the home office to treat victims of domestic abuse cautiously when they seek to maintain family contact and where they are unable to enjoy family life. Studies have shown that victims of domestic violence are most likely to suffer from one episode of mental (health )breakdown.
If this petition wins we might just ?have saved another life or many lives from mental health illness and keeping them alive be it an adult or a child. Healing starts psychologically before it begins to reflect mentally and physically.
Family contact is important when people are suffering or going through a nervous breakdown.
Every life matters and anyone who has suffered a domestic abuse should be given this golden opportunity for at least one important member of their family to see them especially their father or mother.

This petition is for the home office to grant Visit visas in the circumstances mentioned to elderly parents of foreign nationals who are legitimately settled in the UK who have suffered domestic violence to visit their children and grandchildren. 

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